Why Do People Prefer Aluminium Frames?

Throughout the world, frames for windows are created using aluminium. There are some very obvious reasons why aluminium frames are the preferred choice here, which is what we are going to look into today. Even in some instances where timber was once preferred, we are seeing aluminium take its place. Much of this is down to rising timber costs, but also because of the range of benefits which this particular metal alloy is able to offer. Here is exactly why aluminium is so widely used when it comes to the construction of frames.


When it comes to working with aluminium we can see that it is incredibly pliable and flexible and this is one of the reasons why it is so widely used. Aluminium window frames for example can be created on-site to the exact specifications of the window, without very much effort at all. The metal is lightweight and easy to cut and weld.


Aluminium frames are guaranteed for at least 30 years, and in most cases we see its durability extend for many years beyond that. This is a metal alloy which is considerably resistant to the elements and that is why it is preferred for the likes of a window, where it will be exposed to the exterior of a building.

Thermal Efficiency

Heat gain and loss is very important when it comes to windows, as it helps to moderate the temperature inside the home. When compared with timber equivalents, aluminium frames improve the gain and loss by up to 60%. Much of this is down to the relatively recent introduction of polyamide technology, which has seen aluminium’s energy performance increase dramatically.


In the modern age there is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of architects and construction firms to be eco-conscious, and aluminium is the perfect material for this challenge. The metal alloy is 100% recyclable, it is non-toxic and it is completely sustainable. In fact in order to recycle aluminium, all that is required is 5% of the energy which was consumed in its creation.


Low cost can often mean low quality but this is absolutely not the case when it comes to this particular material. This is yet another reason why we see aluminium window frames and so many other aspects of property construction which feature aluminium. In terms of a material which offers the same range of benefits as this, there is nothing that even comes close to the affordability of aluminium.

Strength to Weight Ratio

The level of support which any frame offers is critical, and the strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is exactly why it is used for this purpose. What this basically means is that whilst the alloy is indeed lightweight, it can withstand a great amount of pressure, which of course makes it ideal for use as a frame.

This is exactly why aluminium frames are so popular and why the material has quickly overtaken timber as the preferred choice of construction companies and property designers.

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